Inscribe Metadata Interface

The Inscribe Metadata contract manages the state of baseUris as well as inscription operators.

Inscription operators are in charge of maintaining baseURIs.

Add Base URI

Adds a base URI to the contract state.

This URI can be referenced by the URIId which is emitted from the event.

Emits a {BaseURIAdded} event.

function addBaseURI(string memory baseURI) external;

Migrate Base URI

Migrates a base URI. Useful if the base endpoint needs to be adjusted.


  • baseUriId must exist.

  • Only the creator of this URI may call this function

Emits a {BaseURIModified} event.

function migrateBaseURI(uint256 baseUriId, string memory baseUri) external;

Get Base URI

Fetches the Base URI at baseUriId


  • Base URI must exist at baseUriId

function getBaseURI(uint256 baseUriId) external view returns (string memory baseURI);